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Cold Turkey


Year of production: 2015


As the instructor of Animation and Game Design, I direct student work and production.  


This is a one-shot story focused on dynamics and clarity of point. 

The Printer


Year of production:2012

Texas Independent Film Fest 2013 

Best of Show Animation SkillsUSA 2013


The printer is a group semester project.

The premise is a young scientist who likes coffee (the formula on his shirt) is lonely.  He gets excited when he gets a friend request, then is surprised when it is his grandmother.  He is sad that his grandmother has more of a social life than he does so he decides to create a freind via his printer. When the freind pops out it is motionless and dead, he sulks away suffering from defeat for more coffee.  He returns to find a room filled with small friends who have managed to upset his workspace, he is shocked and upset at first then realizes he now has friends.  


This project was cut short due to time contriants.  


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